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You say good morning after all

Share Your Story: God Spoke to Me Through that Song

By GunsShooting

You say good morning after all

Collective Soul - Afterwords

What song God spoke to me through

"Good Morning After All" by Collective Soul

The issue I was facing

Mourning my father's death.

The song is about the singer's mother in the wake of his father's death, and her always-positive attitude.

"Yeah, you give up some days
when the tears they must flow...
But God is always your strength,
the only strength that you know.
Now everything starts to fall in place
as you wake just to crawl,
still you say good morning after all.
Then you stand just to fall,
still you say good morning after all."

I decided that I wanted to be that person, the one who decides to concentrate on positivity instead of negativity. It was an inspiration that helped me move forward.


  • We can make a choice to think more of good things than bad ones. Very simple, really, but sometimes we need a push to see simple things like that.

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