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Types of Christian Music

Thousand Foot Krutch

Christian Music used to be something that you only found in church and it came straight from the hymnals. However, in the late '60s/early '70s, the "Jesus Movement" brought the music out into the world and Christian music began to become an industry within itself. Now Christian music is found in so many different styles it is the only genre of music that is defined by its lyrical content.

Popular Styles of Christian Music
Christian Music/Gospel Spotlight10

Christian Concerts

Find concert dates and venues for Christian bands and artists that are on tour now or getting ready to go on tour.

Christian Artists List - # - I

The A to Z Christian Artists List shares Christian artists and bands by name and the genre/style of music that they play.

Steven Curtis Chapman - Discography

The albums and songs of Steven Curtis Chapman

Congrats to HighRoadIII's Anna Grace Shideler

The fiddle player from HighRoadIII, Anna Grace Shideler, and her husband, Nathan are expecting!

Amy Grant's 'In Motion: The Remixes' Is a Whole New Ball of Wax

Amy Grant's latest project, 'In Motion: The Remixes' will definitely appeal to a younger fan base. With the help of some very talented DJs and producers, the Queen of CCM is now totally "dance ready."

2014 Dove Awards

The nominees for the 45th annual GMA Dove Awards.

Rap / Hip-Hop Albums You May Not Know, But Should Know About

Christian Rap and Hip-Hop fans all know the "big names" in the genre' ... DC Talk, Grits, T-Bone, KJ-52, etc. But what about the less popular, but still talented "little guys?" The Top 5 Rap / Hip-Hop Albums You May Not Know, But Should Know About is an introduction to some talent that you really should get to know!

10 Most Popular Christian Bands in Concert - July 2014

The 10 most popular bands to see in concert, as ranked by Christian Concert Alerts, for the month of July 2014.

Switchfoot 2014 Fall Tour Dates

Switchfoot has nearly 25 concerts coming up between now and mid-November.

Top Christian Songs for the Week Ending August 10, 2014

This week we have a new #1 and a new tune from Casting Crowns!

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