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BarlowGirl - Sisters that Rock





BarlowGirl - The Band Members

Rebecca (guitar, background vocals)
Alyssa (bass, keyboards, vocals)
Lauren Barlow (drums, vocals)

BarlowGirl Biography

Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren Barlow are best known to the world collectively as BarlowGirl. The three sisters from Elgin, Illinois live together, work together, worship together and make incredible music together. The family "business" doesn't just cover the three girls ... their mom and dad are both very involved in their career, taking to the road with the sisters on every tour.

For these young women it isn't just about being on stage and entertaining. They stand firm in their beliefs, and they are open enough to admit they aren't perfect. The sister share their struggles transparently in order to grow. God is in every aspect of their lives ... the ups and the downs. Lauren Barlow explained, "God is using three normal girls from Elgin, IL, who have nothing to offer apart from Christ. We were all ready to go do our own thing, and He called us and turned us around and said, 'I have something for you to tell the world'."

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