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Daniel Bashta - 'The Invisible'

A Relaxed Vibe Makes the Lyrics Hit Even Harder

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Daniel Bashta - The Invisible

Daniel Bashta - The Invisible


Have you ever felt hopeless? Despaired over where you found yourself in life? Been desperate for God? Sure you have! You're human. Daniel Bashta, as another human being (albeit one with an incredibly cool job), has too and he shares those moments with us on The Invisible with such a light touch that it takes a moment for it to all sink in. The music soothes and relaxes you while the words to the songs speak to your heart, which replies, "Oh yes Lord, I have felt that too! I have seen your mighty hand at work and I want that in my own life, in my own now."

Don't get me wrong here - this is not a sad and/or depressing album. Actually, it's an astoundingly uplifting and supportive release. One of the devil's tricks is to isolate us and try to convince us that we're totally alone in our angst. He whispers that "good Christians" don't ever feel like we do. "Faithful Christians" never despair and since we're so "flawed," that must mean that God really doesn't want us. Daniel Bashta proves, ten times over, that the devil is a liar. None of us has cornered the market on pain or confusion and the only way to survive it is to cry out to Jesus and allow Him and the rest of the body to comfort us.

Engaging From Start to Finish

  • Style: Contemporary Worship
  • 10 Songs
  • Time: 47 minutes
  • Release Date: February 5, 2013
  • Label: Integrity Music

Kicking off with "I Want It All (Just Give me Jesus)," we hear right up front that Bashta is seeking the real Jesus - not a little taste of religion. Reminding us that the trappings all added up together don't add up to Him at all, this song cries out that only Jesus will do.

The majestic "Let Hope In" builds as it beseeches us to hold on to hope. So let hope in. Open your walls. Hope conquers all. (Watch the official lyrics video) Another favorite, "In The Ruins," is a punch in the gut to some of the churches of today. Nutshell - we, as the body, have built idols and erected walls between us and the very sick that Jesus came to heal. Our own healing will only come when those walls are torn down. In the ruins there will be singing. In the ruins there will be healing. When the walls come down and the church bells cease to ring.

I could easily turn fan-girl and go on and on about each and every song. Rather than doing that, I will let Daniel Bashta's music speak for itself because his own words are much better than my synopses. Let's just say that it's no small wonder that bands like David Crowder Band and Newsboys have recorded his music.

Bottom line: If you are looking for bland, generic sentiment that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, this probably won't be your cup of tea. However, if you are seeking music that is passionate and honest to push you forward in your walk and to be the soundtrack to your desperate quest to find more of Jesus, then The Invisible will fit the bill perfectly.

The Invisible Track List:

  1. I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus)
  2. Praise The Invisible
  3. Deliver Us
  4. Let Hope In
  5. Undone
  6. Great Is The Lord
  7. Suddenly
  8. In The Ruins
  9. By My Side
  10. Behold The Lamb
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