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Group 1 Crew – 'Fearless'

Filled With Lyrics and Music That Move You

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Group 1 Crew – Fearless

Group 1 Crew – Fearless

Fervent Records

Maybe it's just me and the way that music moves me, but when I listen to a new song or album, the style of music is really what dictates what I really hear first. Rock, metal and rap finds me caught up in the beat, the technicality and the overall feel. Praise and worship, inspirational and some pop contemporary brings me to the lyrics first, the music second. So, naturally, when I first listened to Fearless, I expected that since it's hip hop with a touch of dance, electronica and dubstep, my pattern would be "the norm." While the music did reach out and touch me (translate: I was dancing in my chair), the wholeheartedness of the lyrics is what grabbed me the hardest. Right from the start, I was touched by the authenticity of what the songs were sharing story-wise and the music, while excellent in its own right, came in second.

I shouldn't be surprised -- I met Blanca and Manwell years ago at their first Dove Week event. I was struck by their humble spirits and their joy at being able to share Jesus through music. Obviously, nothing has changed there. Fame hasn't gone to their heads and their main focus is still sharing Christ, not cheering crowds and "star status."

Fearlessly Having Fun While Honoring God

  • Style: Hip Hop / Dance
  • 13 Songs
  • Time: 47 minutes
  • Release Date: September 10, 2012
  • Label: Fervent / Word Records

Some people (sadly) act as though God is the biggest "grumpy old man" in the universe, as though He who gave us laughter and humor doesn't want us to ever use them and have fun. Blanca and Manwell prove (yet again) that you can be a Christian and have fun. God can be honored through your words (lyrics) and hearts to dubstep just as easily as He can be exalted through a moving sermon. Add in the ballads that move and captivate and you see that the members of Group 1 Crew can slow it down as well as they burn the dance floor up. Blanca's voice soothes while it inspires and draws you in.

The lead radio single, "He Said," which features label mate Chris August, is a study in that soothing inspiration. In the Bible, God tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us, so when the world is knocking you down, remember what He promised -- I won't give you more, more then you can take / and I might let you bend, but I won't let you break....

Shifting gears to the dance-worthy "The Difference," the inspiration is still there, delivered this time as a gift that is wrapped up in a happy package. The difference for us is love -- the love of Jesus and of our family and friends. The world won't necessarily love and adore us (remember Jesus sharing that when the world hates you, to remember that it hated Him first), but that's OK. Following the crowd won't help us lead anyone to Christ.

Each and every song comes with its own bow, making Fearless a celebration where each gift (song) is something to be opened and cherished. If this album was on vinyl, I would have already worn grooves in it from repeated listens.

Fearless Track Listing:

  1. His Kind of Love
  2. The Difference
  3. He Said (featuring Chris August)
  4. Dangerous
  5. Goin Down
  6. Fearless
  7. Mr. & Mrs. (I Do This For You)
  8. Darkest Valley (featuring Flame & Thomas Ware)
  9. Not The End of Me
  10. Freq Dat
  11. Night of My Life
  12. Steppin Out
  13. Forsaken
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