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Paul Baloche - 'The Same Love'

The past meets the present

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Paul Baloche - The Same Love

Paul Baloche - The Same Love

Integrity Music
Deeply held Bible truths combined with a refreshing and modern sound, something Baloche does quite well, is exactly what The Same Love delivers to the world. The entire offering is soothing while still stirring up your passion for Christ and your soul. Whichever element appeals to you the most, count on getting "goosies" just like Jennifer Lopez does when she hears music that blows her away.

An Impressive Gem

  • Style: Worship
  • 13 Songs
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Release Date: March 13, 2012
  • Label: Integrity Music

Paul Baloche has spent the past 20+ years writing some of the most spectacular worship songs of our age. He pours his heart and soul into each word, each note, and by doing so, opens doors for us that go farther and farther behind the veil. The Same Love, his 12th release with Integrity Music, shines brightly as one of his best yet. Polished and light, yet not overdone, the guest vocal appearances by Kari Jobe, One Sonic Society’s Jason Ingram, All Sons & Daughters, Brothers McClurg, Kathryn Scott and Hillsong's Ben Fielding add layers of harmony that deftly pluck the strings of your heart.

Making Worship as Easy as Breathing

Life can be hard, harsh, tough and tragic and some days, it's all of them, rolled into one giant ball. For most of us, being thankful and worshiping God during those times is difficult at best and frequently more along the lines of flatly impossible. It's all we can do to remember to breathe. The songs found on The Same Love help overcome those feelings of helplessness. They center us, allowing us to remember that no matter what we're facing here and now, God is still on the throne and worthy of all praise. They say that music soothes the savage beast and in Paul Baloche's case, it soothes the ravaged soul. His gift is that strong and his delivery is that sincere.

All 13 songs are winners in their own right, but some (for me) stand out and deserve special mention. The title track, which kicks off the album, is one such tune. The same love that created the world and died for our sins calls us by name and says, you are mine. Flowing prose is all fine and well, and I could dish out a lot of it while talking about this song, but sometimes "Wow!" is all that needs to be said. "All Because of the Cross," Paul's version of "Nothing But the Blood," reminds us that all because of the Cross, we are white as snow. We all need that gentle reminder. "Reign In Me," co-written with Jason Ingram, who also sings on the track, is another highlight. An open and natural plea to Jesus to reign in us, this is a song that should start everyone's day. Finally, "Just Say," which was co-written with the Brothers McClurg and features Angela Krusi, is another big success. One word - that is all it takes to be made whole as long as it's spoken by Jesus.

Bottom Line - Family, kids, illness, jobs, the economy, wars and rumors of war ... these are all things that can cause you to worry yourself into a spiritual coma. When it seems like life is coming apart at the seams, it's easy to say you're "giving it all to God," but it's hard to actually do it. The Same Love isn't going to solve all of the problems of the world, but it will help reorganize your heart, even if it's just for a little while, so you can have enough peace within that you remember exactly WHO can solve all of our issues. In a mere 60 minutes, awful gives way to awe-inspiring and the things that we don't have make way for the blessings that we do.

The Same Love Track Listing:
  1. The Same Love
  2. We are Saved
  3. King of Heaven
  4. All Because of the Cross
  5. Your Blood Ran Down
  6. My Hope
  7. Oh Our Lord
  8. Christ the Lord
  9. Reign In Me
  10. Just Say
  11. Loved By You
  12. Look Upon the Lord
  13. Shout for Joy
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