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Family Force 5


Family Force 5

Family Force 5

Word Records

Family Force 5 Formed:

Family Force 5 was formed in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. Before becoming FF5, they were known as "The Brothers," "The Family" and "The Phamily." The Family turned into The Phamily after the band was contacted by Prince's attorneys about their use of the name. Ground Noise, another band featuring the Olds brothers, was what they called "a really bad version of Third Day."

Family Force 5 Members:

  • Jacob Olds (Crouton) - Lead Singer
  • Joshua Olds (Fatty) - Bass & Vocals
  • Derek Mount (Chap Stique) - Guitar
  • Nathan Currin (Nadaddy) - Keys
  • Teddy Boldt (Hollywood) - Drums

Former Members:

  • Solomon Olds (Soul Glow Activatur) - Vocals & Guitar (1993-2013)
  • Brad Allen (20 Cent) (2004-2005)
  • Steve Heimler (2001-2003)

Family Force 5 - The Early Years:

Solomon Olds and his twin brothers Jacob and Joshua grew up around Christian music as the sons of Jerome Olds, a popular Christian artist from the 1980s and a vocal teacher and opera major. As the boy band, The Brothers, they released two albums, Fact and Reality (1994) and RPM (1995). Both releases were produced by their father and released on Star Song Records.

As FF5, they became popular in the Atlanta music scene, playing live shows every chance they got and handing out free CDs. It wasn't long before they got the attention of Maverick and Gotee Records. They were signed and their first album with Maverick released in 2006.

Family Force 5 Goes Out On Their Own:

In 2007, FF5 split with their label and after they finished that year's Vans Warped Tour, formed their own label. Transparent Media Group released their first independent CD, Dance or Die in 2008.


Family Force 5 Discography:

  • Time Stands Still, 2014 (Purchase/Download)
  • ReAnimated, 2013 Compare Prices
  • Chainsaw (EP), 2012
  • III.V, 2012
  • III, 2011
  • Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant, 2009 (Purchase/Download)
  • Dance or Die with a Vengeance, 2008
  • Dance or Die, 2008
  • Business Up Front/Party in the Back, 2006 Compare Prices

Family Force 5 Starter Songs:

Family Force 5 News & Notes:


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