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Caedmon's Call – Biography of Christian Band Caedmon's Call


Caedmon's Call

Caedmon's Call

Courtesy of Caedmon's Call

Caedmon's Call Formed:

Caedmon's Call started out with six original members in 1993.

Caedmon's Call Members:

  • Cliff Young (lead vocals/guitar)
  • Danielle Young (vocals)
  • Derek Webb (vocals/guitar)
  • Todd Bragg (drums)
  • Garrett Buell (percussion)
  • Jeff Miller (bass)
  • Joshua Moore (keyboard/accordion/harmonica)

Caedmon's Call Biography:

The band known as Caedmon's Call first began when Cliff Young (vocals, guitar) and his now-wife Danielle (Glenn) Young (vocals), began singing together in church. Gradually, the other members (like Garett Buell) joined, and the band started touring colleges. A few years later, Caedmon's Call was offered the chance to lead worship every week at a Houston-area Bible study with close to 1,000 of their peers. As their careers evolved, the band always remained anchored in their home church.

"We're all called to be a hand or a foot or a face in our local body of Christ, and hopefully we've played our musician role in that by playing instruments and leading worship," Young says. "All we're trying to do through this record is express what we've been doing in our church for a long time. We're not trying to pull music out of nowhere and put it down. This is an extension of something we've been a part of for years."
Even though they don't lead worship at their concerts and their songs don't usually reflect a worship style, the band's music has always been grounded in the idea of directing people to God in their everyday lives.

"We're learning that worship is more than playing music or singing a chorus over and over. It happens on a day to day basis," explains Todd Bragg. "It ultimately comes down to understanding who God is, praising Him for being who He is and giving Him the glory."

Through a friendship with fellow artist Rich Mullins before his death, Young and the rest of the band were educated about the true essence of worship. That inspiration has become a cornerstone of what the band believes and the reason they feel worship to be such an intimate aspect of community, rather than a vehicle for drawing emotion out of their audiences.

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