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Christian Music Genres & Styles

Find articles, interviews, official sites, fan pages, and more on well-known and independent artists and bands in Christian and gospel music, organized by genre or music style.
  1. Profiles / Discographies (46)
  2. Christian Band Photos
  3. Christian AC (13)
  4. Christian Bluegrass/Country (42)
  5. Christian Instrumental (16)
  6. Christian Music for Kids (16)
  7. Pop and Contemporary Christian Artists and Bands (84)
  8. Christian Rappers (30)
  9. Christian Rock & Metal (112)
  10. Inspirational (28)
  11. Gospel (Southern and Urban) (117)
  12. Gospel World/Other Music (25)
  13. Praise and Worship Christian Artists and Bands (58)
  14. Singer/Songwriters (18)

Types of Christian / Gospel Music
Learn more about the different styles of Christian music and the artists who sing it.

The Changing Face of Christian Music
Christian music has gone farther than the church and can be found on radio, TV, in concert halls and at huge rallies and festivals.

A to Z Artist List
Today's Christian bands can be classified in several different styles. What one radio station calls AC another may call pop or modern rock. The A to Z List will list each artist/band by name, with a link to the style that you'll find them in here on the Christian Music site so you can find your favorite artist without having to dig through each...

Birthday Calendar
The ever-expanding lists of Christian artists' birthdays.

Crossing Over - Christian Bands Shooting For Mainstream Audiences
Crossing Over Christian Bands Shooting For Mainstream Audiences

Secular/Christian Comparison Chart
An "if you like so-and-so, then you should listen to so-and-so, because you'll probably like the similarities" comparison chart. The artists are listed alphabetically, and several styles/genres are included.

Music Pear
On Music Pear, you type in the name of a mainstream artist that you like and get a list of similar sounding Christian artists.

On the Christian parody band's site you will find where they're going to be playing, info on joining their fan club and even which radio stations throughout the world are playing their music.

Derek Webb's I See Things Upside Down is a Winner!
Derek Webb’s second solo studio project, "I See Things Upside Down" is causing a buzz.

If You Like Piano-driven Male Vocals in Your Christian Music....
If you like your Christian music to be piano-driven with strong male vocals, then these artists may be just what the doctor ordered.

Nicole C. Mullen Is Everyday People
Nicole C. Mullen says "I'm a wife and a mom first, and then I'm a singer second."

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