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Christian Bands & Artists

Find articles, interviews, official sites, fan pages, and more on well-known and independent artists and bands in Christian and gospel music, organized alphabetically.
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A to Z Artist List
Today's Christian bands can be classified in several different styles. What one radio station calls AC another may call pop or modern rock. The A to Z List will list each artist/band by name, with a link to the style that you'll find them in here on the Christian Music site so you can find your favorite artist without having to dig through each...

Behind the Music - Christian Artists Bios
You hear their songs on the radio. You see them on TV. Do you ever find yourself wondering what life is like behind the music for these artists?

Birthday Calendar
The ever-expanding lists of Christian artists' birthdays.

Christian Bands and Social Media
Everyone else is on social media and Christian / Gospel bands, artists and fans are no different. Some artists use all of the platforms, but have their favorites that they post to more often (just like the rest of us).

Christian Bands on Facebook
Find some of the top Christian artists and bands that are active on Facebook.

Christian Music Communities and Artists on Google+
Google+ may not be ready to go head to head with Facebook, but it's still an active and popular platform that you can find some interesting stuff on.

Christian Artists on Twitter
Social networks and instant messaging are hardly a new thing in our world today. People want to be able to communicate, keep up and interact with each other in a blink. Twitter combines it all, allowing users to send text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length to their friends and fans. The posts go on their sites, their friends sites and...

Christian Female Artists
Christian Female Singers - Female Christian Vocalists - Meet some of the women who make music their ministry and use their talents to sing for Jesus.

Gospel Artists Who Got Their Start on American Idol
Love it or hate it, American Idol, which debuted on June 11, 2002, has become one of the most popular shows on American television. Artists from the Top 10 have gone on to be superstars in many genres, including Gospel, Top 40/Pop, and Country.

American Idol Season 12 Christian Contestants
Meet the Christian contestants from American Idol who made the Top 10 in season 12

How I Released My Christian CD
How I Released My Christian CD - Bands Share How They Got Their Music OutSee submissions

Carman Songs
Carman Songs - Popular Songs from Christian Singer Carman

Falling Up
Christian Rock Band - Falling Up - Profile of Christian Rockers Falling Up

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