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Carman CDs

The discography of Carman


In the 30+ years since Carman started recording, he's released tons of music. The releases listed here are not all-inclusive, as there are quite a few CD's only available for purchase from Carman's website, but they are the most well-known.

'Instrument Of Praise' - 2007

Carman - Instrument Of Praise
Tyscot Records

Fans of Carman will enjoy the gospel, funky touch and passion found on Instrument of Praise.

  1. The Overflow
  2. Everlasting God
  3. That's My King
  4. We Lift You Up
  5. If God Be For Me
  6. Center Of My Heart
  7. Instrument Of Praise
  8. Celebration Day
  9. I Can See Heaven Open
  10. I Love You Forever
  11. Bless The Name
  12. This Blood/This Power
  13. Jesus Now
  14. S.A.V.E.D 100%
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'Live & Reloaded!' - 2005

Carman: Live & Reloaded
Alliant Music Group
This two disc set contains 19 Carman classics and remixes, giving listeners a total of 45:30 worth of music.

Disc 1

  1. House Of Praise
  2. Stand Up
  3. Just As I Am
  4. My Pledge
  5. Good To Me
  6. This Is My Bible - (Purchase/Download)
  7. Always Will
  8. Overcomin' Child Of God
  9. I Have Decided - (Purchase/Download)

Disc 2

  1. Stand Up: Jungle-Mix
  2. This Is My Bible: Musicology-Mix
  3. House Of Praise: 70's Retro-Mix - (Purchase/Download)
  4. My Pledge: Be Cool-Mix
  5. Happy Birthday - (Purchase/Download)
  6. Overcomin' Child Of God: Muscle-Mix
  7. Always Will: Midnight-Mix
  8. Good To Me: Euro-Mix
  9. This Is My Bible: Motown-Mix
  10. Stand Up: Rave Dance-Mix

'House of Praise' - 2003

House of Praise
Carman and producer Joe Hogue (dc Talk, Gary Oliver) took a different path with this album (a duplicate of 'Ultimate Praise') by recording it as if it were live in that the "audience" was recorded in the studio as backing vocal tracks.

  1. Good To Me
  2. House of Praise
  3. Just as I Am
  4. My Pledge
  5. Overcomin' Child of God
  6. Always Will
  7. Stand Up - (Purchase/Download)
  8. This Is My Bible
  9. Red, White & Blue
  10. I Have Decided
  11. My Pledge - (bonus track)
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'Ultimate Praise' - 2002

Ultimate Praise
With ten tracks and one bonus song, House of Praise offers a lot of amazing music.

  1. House Of Praise
  2. Stand Up
  3. Always Will
  4. My Pledge
  5. Good To Me
  6. Just As I Am
  7. This Is My Bible
  8. Overcoming Child Of God
  9. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
  10. The Red, White and Blue

'The Early Ministry Years' - 2002

Carman - The Early Ministry Years
Madacy Christian
This double CD set offers a total of 20 songs.

Disc 1

  1. Bethlehem
  2. Overcoming Child
  3. The Master's Hand
  4. Some-O-Dat
  5. A Love as Yours
  6. I'm Saved
  7. Just Believe
  8. Washed in the Blood
  9. God God God
  10. I Praise You

Disc 2

  1. The Well
  2. Yahweh
  3. Sunday's on the Way
  4. Just Like My Jesus
  5. We Have Come to Worship Him
  6. God Don't Care
  7. Bless the Name Jesus
  8. His Name Is Life
  9. Temptation Boogie
  10. Create in Me

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'Heart Of A Champion' - 2000

24 hits, six new songs and Tammy Trent helping on vocals made this two-disc set a champion with fans.

Certified RIAA Gold on 05/09/2002.

Disc 1

  1. Heart Of A Champion
  2. Jesus Period
  3. Prayer - (Lyrics)
  4. Great God - (Lyrics)
  5. A Witch's Invitation
  6. Who's In The House - (Lyrics)
  7. The River
  8. Holdin' On
  9. My Story
  10. Jerico: The Shout Of Victory
  11. I Feel Jesus
  12. Now's The Time
  13. Legendary Mission
  14. Mission 3:16 - (Lyrics)
  15. America Again

Disc 2

  1. Faith Enough
  2. Just Like He Said
  3. I Promise
  4. I've Been Delivered
  5. Satan: Bite The Dust
  6. R.I.O.T.
  7. Let The Fire Fall
  8. Hunger For Holiness
  9. The Prayer Anthem - (Lyrics)
  10. Addicted To Jesus
  11. There Is A God
  12. Step Of Faith
  13. Sunday School Rock
  14. No Monsters
  15. The Champion

'Passion For Praise, Vol. 1' - 1999

Passion For Praise, Vol. 1
Sparrow Records

While there has never been any doubt about Carman's passion for praise, this release shows the world that his place in the praise genre is cemented in.

  1. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
  2. Let The Fire Fall
  3. I Feel Jesus - (Purchase/Download)
  4. Now's The Time / Hosanna
  5. The Prayer Anthem - Lyrics
  6. Give Thanks - (Purchase/Download)
  7. Jesus Is The Light
  8. I've Been Redeemed / I Love Jesus - (Purchase/Download)
  9. Shout To The Lord
  10. Alleluia
  11. Awesome God
  12. Bless The Name Of Jesus - (Purchase/Download)
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'Mission 3:16' - 1998

Mission 3:16
Sparrow Records
This family favorite remains a staple in the Carman catalog. Nominated for a 1999 Grammy for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album, Mission 3:16 features Russ Taff, Tony Orlando and Out Of Eden.

  1. Mission 3:16 - Lyrics
  2. People Of God - Lyrics
  3. Legendary Mission
  4. Never Be - Lyrics
  5. Jesus Is The Lamb - Lyrics
  6. Post Lamb Jam - Lyrics
  7. The Courtroom - Lyrics
  8. Surf Mission
  9. Do I Do - Lyrics
  10. We Are Not Ashamed - (Purchase/Download)
  11. The Prayer Anthem - (Purchase/Download)
  12. Missione D'Italiano
  13. Slam - Lyrics
  14. All In Life
  15. Kingdom Suite

'I Surrender All' - 1997

I Surrender All
30 hymns combined in 15 medleys let fans know that Carman can do the classics as well as modern music. As an extra treat, this CD features Michael English.

Certified RIAA Gold on 09/07/2000.

  1. His Name Is Wonderful
  2. Isn't He Wonderful/He Keeps Me Singing/Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
  3. The Old Rugged Cross/Oh The Blood Of Jesus
  4. Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross
  5. Peace Like A River/I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me
  6. Grace Greater Than Our Sin
  7. Praise Him (When The Sun Goes Down)
  8. Jesus Paid It All
  9. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
  10. Tell Me The Story Of Jesus/I Love To Tell The Story
  11. Nothing But The Blood/Are You Washed In The Blood/He Took My Sins Away
  12. My Jesus, I Love Thee
  13. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
  14. Search Me, O God
  15. Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
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'The Best of the Early Years' - 1997

The Best of the Early Years
Harmony Records
The music of Carman's early years was upbeat and a little quirky, but it was heartfelt and fun.

  1. Bethlehem
  2. Over Coming Child
  3. Some-O-Dat
  4. Washed In The Blood
  5. God, God, God
  6. The Well
  7. Yaweh
  8. Sunday's On The Way - Lyrics
  9. We Have Come To Worship Him
  10. God Don't Care (What The Circumstance)
  11. His Name Is Life
  12. Temptation Boogie

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