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Christian / Gospel Artists & Genres


Christian Music / Gospel 101 - learning more about Christian artists, bands and styles of music.
  1. Christian Music / Gospel 101
  2. Christian Music Playlists
  3. Live Music
  4. Music Videos
  5. Adult Contemporary
  6. Christian Rap
  7. Christian Rock
  8. Hard Rock / Metal / Metalcore
  1. Inspirational
  2. Music for Children and Youth
  3. Pop/Contemporary
  4. Praise & Worship
  5. Urban Gospel
  6. Behind the Music
  7. Christian Record Labels
  8. Popular Compilations

Christian Music / Gospel 101

Tamela Mann

Before we dive into sub-genres, find out what makes Christian Music Christian.

Christian Music Playlists

Chris Tomlin

Themed playlists and the top songs from your favorite bands and artists.

Live Music

Listening to music in the comfort of your home, car or church is great, but there isn't anything quite like the feeling you get when you listen and worship with a few hundred or even a few thousand other believers.

Music Videos


We love our Christian Music videos and TV - both online and off.

Adult Contemporary


Sometimes called "Easy Listening," AC music generally appeals more to adults, ages 35 - 50.

Christian Rap


Christian rappers aka holy hip-hoppers ... they spit out rhymes like other rappers, but their words are deeper, more profound and definitely God-inspired.

Christian Rock

Hawk Nelson

Christian rock bands delivering modern rock, alternative rock, southern rock and pop/punk rock - these bands offer it all!

Hard Rock / Metal / Metalcore

12 Stones

Hard rock fans, be they Christian or not, tend to like more edge to their music.



As a style, Inspirational music really isn't a defined style that stands on its own. Inspo blends pop, contemporary, AC, hymns and even praise and worship, with or without the corporate worship elements and bands from several genres have released Inspirational songs or albums.

While all of that may lead to confusion with the definition, it certainly does give fans a lot of artists to choose from.

Music for Children and Youth

VeggieTales - Larry-boy and the Rumor Weed

While Sunday school has a great deal to do with our little ones learning the songs, another genre within Christian music that is especially for kids helps a great deal.


Natalie Grant

Using secular music terms, Christian pop/contemporary could easily be described as "Top 40." Pop music meets soft rock and voila! Pop/contemporary!

Praise & Worship

Chris Tomlin

Praise and Worship is music that is commonly found in contemporary churches of today. Short and easy to sing (and remember) choruses that repeat several times make the style perfect for corporate worship.

Urban Gospel

Smokie Norful

Much like Southern Gospel music, Urban Gospel hit the big time via quartets.

Behind the Music

Chris Tomlin

Learn more about the stories behind the songs that we love.

Christian Record Labels

Word Records

What are some of the record labels that are behind the Christian music you're hearing on the radio?

Popular Compilations

WOW Gospel 2009

When you want to sample music from several artists, compilations are definitely the way to go.

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