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Audio & Video Entertainment

The premier directory of Christian MP3, MIDI, music video sites and online radio stations that stream Christian music for your entertainment.
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Best Christian Music Apps for Smartphones
The best Christian music apps for smartphones from radio stations, record labels and music festivals. All but one are free!

Best Christian Artists and Band Apps for Smartphones
Does your favorite Christian artist or band have their own Smartphone app? Check the list of free apps for iPhones and DROIDs and find out.

Top Christian & Gospel Ringback Tones - January 2014
The top ringback tones for the month of January 2014.

Focus on the Family Partners With SongTouch
The partnership will allow families to download popular radio content like the “Adventures in Odyssey” series, Radio Theatre and Dr. James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” daily broadcasts.

Top Christian & Gospel Ringtones
The top Christian and Gospel ringtones for January 2013.

DIRECTV Celebrates Easter with Songs of Praise
DIRECTV, Inc., the nation’s leading digital television service provider, is celebrating Easter across the country with its exclusive original programming special, Songs of Praise, hosted by NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip and Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning vocalist Nicole C. Mullen.

C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia - Available on DVD March 28, 2006
The original docudrama movie, which was written and directed by Emmy-Winner Norman Stone, details the personal life and spiritual quest of the legendary author C.S. Lewis.

Religious TV and Cable Battle Over Multicast Must Carry Bill
In 2005 the "Must Carry" law is up for revision in the new Digital TV bill as analog TV is being phased out and digital signals are the standard. The argument is over whether cable companies should be forced to carry all local broadcast signals, or whether new local channels should compete for carriage.

Angel Wars Guardian Force and Hoopdogz Join Forces October 21 - 23
EMI CMG and Angel Wars Guardian Force series creator, Chris Waters, will partner with Cartoon Pizza and HoopDogz on October 21 through October 23, to entertain families at as many as 2,000 churches nationwide during the premiere of Left Behind: World At War.

The Logan Show Heads Into A Second Season
With a new season line-up and a new website, the comedy-based, nationally syndicated TV program is making waves.

Highway To Heaven: Season Two Coming to DVD on August 30th
Featuring all 24 episodes on 6 discs, Season Two also includes commentary with Cindy Landon and Producer Kent McCray.

Southern Gospel USA Video Program
The Southern Gospel USA video program is available on demand with new shows debuting every Monday starting July 25, 2005.

VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke & The Search For Samson’s Hairbrush
GRAMMY and CMA award-winning artist Charlie Daniels joins the “VeggieTales” team as the co-writer and performer of the Minnesota Cuke theme song.

Top 10 Veggie Tales Movies
If you have small children there is no way you aren't familiar with the lovable characters from The Veggie Tales. Teaching values like kindness, forgiveness and honesty in a fun way, these movies are childhood favorites.

Praise Baby No. 1 New Christian Children's Video Brand of 2004
According to Christian SoundScan® reports, the series' first DVD title, "Praises & Smiles", was the No. 1 new Christian children's video brand of 2004 and is rapidly approaching gold sales status.

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