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Grand Prize - 'Identity'

'Identity' - The Basics

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Grand Prize – Identity

Grand Prize – Identity

  • Style: Indie rock
  • 11 original songs
  • Released: January, 2005

'Identity' Rocks Hard

Youthful zealous energy captured on vinyl, or plastic, or whatever CDs are made of, Grand Prize is just plain fun to listen to. Jaci Velasquez’ new label, A’postrophe Records, has sponsored this, the follow-up to their well-received indie release and it seems like an auspicious start to me. Reminiscent of Building 429 and By the Tree, Grand Prize rocks hard while confronting listeners with unabashed truth. Ya gotta like that in a newcomer, right?

Sincere Rock Worship

Overflowing with conviction, passion and rough enthusiasm, (some of my favorite components), Grand Prize is lead singer Luke Caldwell, guitarist Steven Harder, Tony Caruso on bass, and drummer Nolan Mather. Caldwell served as a youth pastor in their Calvary Chapel home church in Idaho for five years before hitting the road with the band. His heart for God and his people comes across clearly on the 14 minute track that is “I Remember,” part song, part spoken message, both parts emotionally charged. Many of these songs are equally moving and powerfully worshipful. "Shepherd of my Soul" drips with sincerity and the ballad “You Are Wonderful” leads directly to the white throne, no stopping at Go. Yes, it is difficult to stand out in the crowded worship field, but this young band is there for all the right reasons and they deserve to be heard. Don’t miss ‘em.
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 5 out of 5
love it, Member cafreurbana

i love this cd if i had to buy over and over again i would everysingle song is great it talks to your heart!!!!

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Kim Jones
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