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DecembeRadio - Debut CD - 'DecembeRadio'

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DecembeRadio - Debut CD

DecembeRadio - Debut CD

Courtesy of: Slanted Records

The Bottom Line

DecembeRadio has successfully mixed classic rock, old school metal, southern rock, blues and a tinge of pop to become The Band of 2006. Their self-titled debut lacks nothing and offers a little something for everyone. This band will be rockin' the radio waves all year round!


  • Extremely powerful lyrics and music
  • "Table"
  • "Love Found Me (Love's Got A Hold)"


  • Not a single one


  • Style: Rock
  • 10 original songs
  • Release Date: June 27, 2006

Guide Review - DecembeRadio - Debut CD - 'DecembeRadio'

I like rock n' roll and I love DecembeRadio because they rock better than most! This band took the music of their youth and gave it new life without sounding like "just another knock-off band" that is re-living the glory years of their musical heroes.

Lyrically, this band hits the mark on 10/10 tracks. In a time where many bands are trying to reach the mainstream by not "preaching" with their music, and coming across more ambiguous than faithful, DecembeRadio leaves no doubt what they believe in.

I could rant and rave about various tracks on this CD like "Razor," which starts off slow and dark sounding and builds up to become a driving powerhouse. Or "Live and Breathe," which sneaks a little funk into southern rock and is my new favorite worship song.

    I live and breathe for you
    There's nothing I wouldn't do
    I live to worship you

But then I would have to mention the bluesy "Greed" which has a ton of punch and lyrics that show the down-side of what greed will get you without a drop of sugar-coating. Of course, I couldn't go without at least a word or two about the truly beautiful ballad, "Least of These." And what about the rock-your-face-off "Dangerous?" Or "Table," with it's massive guitars and no-holes barred lyrics?

    When all you are is laid out on the table
    And you no longer hide the things inside
    When everything is stripped away will your life be just a waste of time
    Or will you be fine?

That just scratches the surface, so I guess I'll just say DecembeRadio rocks!

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