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Jonas Brothers – 'It's About Time'

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Jonas Brothers – It's About Time

Jonas Brothers – It's About Time

Courtesy of: INO Records

The Bottom Line

Nicholas Jonas still has an incredible voice that has plenty of room to grow, but in many areas of the album, it clashes with his brothers. When you add that to lyrics that are shallow and music that can't decide if it wants to be bubblegum pop or pop/punk, you don't get much that will appeal to anyone beyond the pre-tween crowd - no matter how "hot" the 6th graders think Nick is.

I don't know why the label decided to scrap Nick's solo album in favor of this, but I think it was a bad move.

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  • Radio Disney fans will probably love this
  • They're not singing about bad stuff like alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • The young girls think Nick is "hot" - so they'll listen to him


  • No "Dear God" and no "Joy To The World (A Christmas Prayer)"
  • Not much that anyone over 13 will relate to in the lyrics
  • The girls are listening, but it doesn't sound like much is being said


  • Style: Bubblegum/power pop
  • 11 songs
  • Release Date: August, 2006

Guide Review - Jonas Brothers – 'It's About Time'

INO Records signed 12-year old Nicholas Jonas in October of 2004 and his solo debut was to release in late November. By December there was no CD, but the single "Joy To The World (A Christmas Prayer)" was being offered for download and it was slated to be on the debut, which was pushed to a 2005 release.

Fast forward to early 2006 and the Nick solo project had turned into a May release of the Jonas Brothers. Move a little further up and August 2nd gave us a release ... with "Don't Tell Anyone," "Hey It's Gonna Be Alright" and "Dear God" gone from the pre-release line-up, replaced with "What I Go To School For," "Year 3000" and "Please Be Mine."

I'm not sure what the label was thinking, or why the change from Nick's perfectly suited AC style to bubblegum pop was made, but I suspect it had to do with marketing to a purely tween audience, who doesn't have the "mature" tastes that come with age.

My 6 and 11-year-old girls love it - but only in short bursts, and I'm thankful that they lyrics don't preach a message of getting into trouble; but that's about all of the good I can muster about this one.

Everything I've read about these youngsters shows me that they have more depth than...

    There's too much at stake right now
    I go on and on
    Singing this song about you
    And that's what's wrong with this song

Yet that's about as deep or meaningful as it gets.

Three teens who are in place to be extremely positive Christian role models - and have what it takes and we get this? Wake up INO!

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 4 out of 5
cute<33, Member lovely45

i, for one very much like this cd. in response to the first article, you can tell they are regretting what they said... they are very popular and their lyrics are very deep. 'begging to hear your voice tell me you love me too, cause id rather just be alone if i know i can't have you' (2008) BAMM! that's all i have to say...) thank you!

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Kim Jones
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