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Kids in the Way - 'A Love Hate Masquerade'

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Kids in the Way - A Love Hate Masquerade

Kids in the Way - A Love Hate Masquerade

Flicker Records

The Bottom Line

In the two years since Kids In The Way released their last studio album they've gone through some changes. Bassist Wille Bostic (formerly of Sky Harbor) has joined the line-up, vocalist David Pelsue has left the screaming behind and their sound has grown from screamo to hard rock/punk. And I love it!

A Love Hate Masquerade showcases all of the new KITW sensations in a wonderful way. This is one of those albums that will get your attention and hold it ... for a good long while. So if you're looking for a new band to listen to and KITW wasn't your cup of tea before, give them another listen. There is a lot to like!

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  • Lyrically, KITW has hit their stride, writing songs that are easy to relate to
  • David Pelsue's voice! The guy sings and I like it so much more than the screaming of previous albums


  • There is a lot of heartbreak in the lyrics, but that's not really a bad thing.


  • Style: Hard Rock
  • 11 tracks
  • Release date: September 2007

Guide Review - Kids in the Way - 'A Love Hate Masquerade'

I'll admit it, I'm not big on screamo, so I was putting off listening to A Love Hate Masquerade since Kids In The Way has a history of screaming. When I was getting ready to scan the CD I was already trying to think of a nice way to pass on the review since I would rather not listen to music that does nothing for me. I figured 30 seconds of each song would be enough. "Your Demon" blasted into my office and I thought, "Whoa! This isn't KITW." I was so confused that I looked at the case and envelope again and then actually took the CD out to check the disc itself. Another listen to track one and I was hooked and by the end of track 11, "Farewell," I was kicking myself for letting this one sit on my desk for so long.

If I had to describe A Love Hate Masquerade in one word, it would simply be "wow!" This is a different sound from the early Kids In The Way and the lyrics are a whole lot more personal and relatable. Heartbreak and regret are two things that fans of all ages and walks of life can definitely relate to. We've all been there, done that. We've all ridden the roller coaster called life with all fo the ups and downs, sometimes coming out on top and sometimes being shoved to the bottom of the pile. Contrary to what some would like you to believe, life for Christian's isn't always a bed of roses, and KITW doesn't try to pretend that it is.

While there isn't a "skip it" track on the entire album, there are some that stand out above the others. "Letting Go" is one of them with the pain of watching love walk away shining through. "We Kill At Twilight" is another one and "My Little Nightmare" will have you playing drums on your desk, laptop or legs!

A Love Hate Masquerade is one of those albums that will find a permanent home in your CD player, on your digital music player and in your car. This one is an absolute keeper!

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