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Bebo Norman - 'Bebo Norman'

Bebo Norman - 'Bebo Norman' - The Basics

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Bebo Norman - Bebo Norman

Bebo Norman - Bebo Norman

  • Style: Pop / Rock
  • 10 songs
  • Release Date: September 16, 2008
  • Label: BEC Recordings

Bebo Norman - 'Bebo Norman' - Brutal Honesty Delivered Beautifully

Most albums have some good music and a few great highlights. Bebo Norman's self-titled release offers up a lot of great music and more highlights than should be legal. Like all of Bebo's music so far, Bebo Norman tells a story and this chapter is by far the most telling so far. Open, honest and sincere, the lyrics show us a man who is walking out his faith one step at a time, not claiming to have all of the answers, but knowing the one who does. The music is purely acoustic excellence with a hint of rock.

The only problem that I had at all with Bebo Norman is that at only 37 minutes long, I was left longing for more. Bebo is one of the few artists out there that can make simple honesty sound wonderful without adding a bunch of bells and whistles to jazz it up. The messages that he shares on this album are timely and like any good story, I didn't want it to be over.

My favorite cut on the album is the opener, "Pull Me Out." This tune could easily become an anthem for anyone who has hit that point in life where we go from thinking that we know it all to realizing that we don't really have much of a clue.

In a press release, Bebo talked about the songs birth. "It seems the older I get, the less I understand about this life, about faith and the struggles that come with it. But more importantly, I’m being shown that the older I get, the less I need to understand. ‘Pull Me Out’ is about learning more every day that what I really need to do in this life and in this world is to simply trust in a God who is indeed completely in control." Amen and amen again.

"A Million Raindrops," another favorite, is all about questions that have no answers and how not having all of the answers isn't a bad thing. Having Jesus as our safety net doesn't make us bad Christians; it makes us real people and accepting that we don't have to understand everything makes us mature Christians.

"Britney" is another anthem of sorts. This one is just directed toward our young ladies who haven't reached the "Pull Me Out" stage of life yet. "Britney" apologies to all of those young women who buy the lies of world while we sit and watch them fall apart for our own entertainment.

Other songs that deserve mention are, well, the other 7 tracks! The bottom line is that Bebo Norman outdid himself with this release. As he grows as a man and a person, he shares his steps with the rest of us and makes our own burdens a little easier to carry. Like a fine wine, Bebo just seems to get better with age.

'Bebo Norman' Track Listing

  1. Pull Me Out
  2. Hear It from Me
  3. Not Living in the In-Between
  4. Britney
  5. Ruins (Where I Am Saved)
  6. Never Saw You Coming
  7. The Only Hope
  8. A Million Raindrops
  9. Can't Live Without You
  10. One Bright Hour

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Bebo Norman, Member angelofthelight

This is a smashing set of songs. I really like Bebo's song anyway but he's excelled himself this time. The songs are well crafted and make you think deeply about your relationship with God and, indeed, with others (through the song Britney). I heartily recommend this cd.

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Kim Jones
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