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Britt Nicole - 'Say It'

Britt Nicole's Debut Release, 'Say It,' Makes for an Interesting Day

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Britt Nicole - Say It

Britt Nicole - Say It

Picture this if you will ... I had the media web site on my computer, checking out Britt Nicole's sound when I had to go in the kitchen to put together the stuff for chicken pot pie. It takes a little bit of time to pick the chicken off of the bone, mix the spices and sauce, make the crust, etc. so I was away from my computer for a while.

In the midst of my prep work, my girls came in and asked if they could go down the street to one of their little friends houses. Knowing that I was getting ready to listen to the CD for a review, the peace and quiet would be nice, so I agreed. Little did I know ...

The Near Riot Begins

It seems that my girls (7 & 12) had heard Britt on my computer and had decided that they needed to "pre-review" the CD. They snagged it on the way down the street and once at their friend's house, began to listen. I don't think that they even made it all the way through the release before the arguments began as to who got to keep it!

The first I knew of any of it was my 12-year-old calling me from down the street, begging me to come and "straighten this whole CD thing out." Huh? What CD thing? She hung up before I could find out, so I decided to take a break and go see what was up. I knocked on my neighbor's door to find the poor man looking like he had been blind-sided from all sides. From upstairs I heard the unmistakable sounds of girls arguing and, wait a minute, isn't that Britt Nicole? I walked into a room of squabbling girls, ranging in ages from 7 to 17, totally unprepared for the onslaught!

As the tearful story unfolded, I soon found out that my girls had taken the CD down there and all six girls were laying claim to who would get it when I was done with the review! My older girl was certain that being older than her sister meant that she was a shoo-in for possession. My younger girl was crying that it wasn't fair because her sister "always gets everything!" Both of Taylor's friends were arguing their case based on how my girls always get the "good music," so they should get Say It. They even volunteered to share it. Jordan's little friend chimed in with, "But Miss Kim, I never get CDs." Her older sister (17) insisted that Britt was more for her age-group.

What A Mess!

I suddenly understood why the dad looked so befuddled.

Thankfully, the man came to my rescue with his two girls, promising to go the mall later today to buy them their very own copies. That left me four little expectant faces. What to do? Hmmmm....

I settled it by promising to get copies for Taylor's two friends, agreeing to downloading her favorite songs to Taylor's mp3 player and giving Jordan the actual CD. Tragedy averted! Whew!

The near-riot should give you a good idea of just how powerful this young woman's debut CD really is. Britt Nicole has something special going on. Her sound is almost like a pop-version of Krystal Meyers and her lyrics appeal to young ladies everywhere. From boyfriends to depression to confusion about parents getting divorced, Britt covers much of what young women will face in their lives.

All of this is done with a pop flair that finds even older girls like me getting into the groove.

Favorites in the Jones' camp include, "Ready," "Good Day," "Holiday" (with an urban feel) and "Say It." Those were the ones that all seven of us agreed were the absolute best. Other individual favorites covered every other song on the release!

Bottom line ... Britt Nicole has a winner going with Say It. This girl has it all: talent, drive and a huge heart for ministry. This is one of those faces that you will be seeing a lot more of in the future.

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