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'The Passion Of The Christ: Songs'

'The Passion Of The Christ: Songs' - The Bottom Line

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


The Passion of the Christ - Songs

The Passion of the Christ - Songs

Lost Keyword Records
The Passion Of The Christ - Songs offers a good mix of original songs that will appeal to a variety of listeners. There's something for everyone here. The Passion Movie was a huge cultural moment in time; this CD commemorates it well.

'The Passion Of The Christ: Songs' - The Pros & Cons

The Pros:

The Passion of the Christ - Songs contains a good representation of a number of genres. This is a great way to sample and enjoy talented artists that you may be unfamiliar with.

The Cons:

There is a standard hazard of any compilation project: you may run into music you just can't embrace or enjoy. Still, remember what your mother always said: it's good to try new things!

'The Passion Of The Christ: Songs' - The Basics

  • Style: A wide variety of styles, from pop/rock to a touch of metal, from hip-hop to alternative, all highly accessible

  • 12 songs

  • Released August 31, 2004

'The Passion Of The Christ: Songs' - The Review

The Passion of the Christ Movie had a huge impact on our culture. It is good to see the Christian music community reacting positively to this iconic event. These songs are the heartfelt creative responses of various artists who were touched by the movie experience. This CD is the inaugural release of Lost Keyword Records and carries the approval of Academy Award-winning director Mel Gibson, who jokes that his "kids think these guys are cool, so they must be." Good call, Mel, your kids have discerning tastes.

P.O.D. contributes "Truly Amazing," motivated by the film's brutal and honest reality, says lead singer Sonny Sandoval. The band appreciated the hard truths of the cinematic presentation, as opposed to "the fairy tale we're all used to hearing." Kirk Franklin's "How Many Lashes" expresses one man's realization of the weight of Christ's sacrifice and his own contribution to the Savior's pain. Scott Stapp, former Creed frontman, debuts his own solo career with "Relearn Love," the first mainstream single of the project. All three of these tunes provide a solid taste of the performer's style. Charlotte Church strays a bit from her usual format with "Finding My Own Way," a pop-flavored contribution that will give new listeners the opportunity to appreciate her emotive and vocal strengths.

I particularly enjoyed Tonic bassist Dan Lavery's "To Give Love" with its jangly guitars and soaring vocals. Big Dismal's "Reason I Live" is another standout cut and a perfect example of why you should buy this CD. I hadn't heard them before but immediately fell for their rich sound. See, a compilation can be a great introduction to some new sounds.

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