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Planetshakers - My King Live Praise & Worship

The Bottom Line

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By Dave Bannister

Planetshakers - My King Live Praise & Wo

Planetshakers - My King Live Praise & Worship

I loved this album right from start to end. The music is modern, well played and solid. The lyrical content is all about praise and worship, which in my opinion, is paramount for Christian living. I would recommend this album to everyone!

The Songs of 'My King Live Praise & Worship'

  • "Give You Praise" - Lyrically solid, this song delivers an awesome modern rock sound with trumpets to offset it all, which I thought was great. A fantastic tune ... I loved it!
  • "Open Up the Gates" - This song is an invitation lyrically, for the Lord to come and fellowship with us, while the music delivers a rock crunch that will bring anyone to their feet.
  • "Everything to Me" - The music in this one is unique because it uses a synth sound and the trumpets in the background mixed really well with a "power rock" kind of sound. Lyrically, again singing the praises of God for His goodness to us.
  • "Be With You" - This song is musically predictable, but maintains a solid lyrical base - the trumpets are there too, and provide an interesting blend.
  • "You Are Holy" - Gearing down a bit, this one gives a contemporary pop/rock kind of feel. The lyrics point to the weakness of man compared to the sovereignty of God.
  • "I Believe" - The contemporary worship style in this tune will bring anyone to an atmosphere of adoration for God with lyrics about allowing ourselves to be subject to the reign of the Lord in our lives.
  • "Worship The King" - The lyrics here absolutely point to the only solution for humanity - Jesus.

  • "Rescue Me" - Thanks to God for saving us from ourselves is the lyrical theme in this tune. Musically, it has an upbeat, modern rock sound that delivers the message.
  • "Hero" - Who is your hero? The lyrics in this song point to Jesus Christ as the only true hero on a personal level. The music reaches out and grabs you with a solid rock beat that drives the point home.
  • "How I Love You" - Back to a quieter, more solemn sound with an acoustic guitar and bongo drums, this song is well put together with lyrics that describe a very real love relationship with Jesus.
  • "All I Want Is You" - This song's music will remind you of a power rock ballad, and well done at that! The lyrics are asking God to accept us as His as we worship Him.
  • "My King" - A contemporary worship style is well played in the music, coupled with lyrical content that presents the absolute majesty of almighty God.

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