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Third Day - 'Wire'

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Third Day - Wire

Third Day - Wire

The Bottom Line

Third Day is a staple in Christian music. Their songs, whether from the rock beginnings, or the more recent worship phase, touch people in ways only music can. Wire is something of a return to their roots, with a little more "umph" added in.
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  • Great music, lyrics, production, sound and musical flow


  • None


  • Style: Southern tinged rock
  • Released: May 2004 on Brentwood Records
  • Tracks: 13

Guide Review - Third Day - 'Wire'

What more can be said about Third Day that hasn't already been said? Once again, the guys have reached down and brought out some musical greatness. This time out they bring back the harder sound that they started with. Their lyrics are straight-forward as always, bringing both a great mix of music and a powerful message to this CD.

Tracks like "'Til the Day I Die" show a harder side that we haven't seen in the last few releases. "Wire" delivers great harmonies and classic Third Day punch. "Come on Back" and "I Believe" are already charting ... no surprise there, because they're prime examples of the sound that made the band a household name in Christian music.

I think that their collaboration with Producer Paul Ebersol has delivered both the sound that Third Day fans have grown to love with a little extra kick to it. This CD offers up some good stuff that will make fans happy and earn the band plenty of new faces at their shows. My hat is off to the guys.

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