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Rush Of Fools - 'Rush of Fools'

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Rush Of Fools

Rush Of Fools

Midas Records

The Bottom Line

The phrase "overnight success" is rarely accurate because usually, "overnight" glosses over the years that the band/artist put toward growing their ministry. Rush of Fools is a different story though. You don't get much more overnight than to start playing together in October 2005 and have a hit song in 2007.

While these "Band With a Mission" winners definitely have the talent and the heart, I have to wonder if the whole overnight thing might not hurt them. Their debut album was rushed to the point that only two members are actually on it. Wes Willis and Kevin Huguley sang and studio musicians did everything else.

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  • Wes Willis has a beautiful, strong voice


  • While the sound is great and the lyrics aren't fluff, the "made for radio" feel is a bit strong


  • Style: Pop/soft rock/worship
  • 11 songs
  • Released: May, 2007

Guide Review - Rush Of Fools - 'Rush of Fools'

Don't get me wrong here ... Rush of Fools debut album isn't bad, it just isn't really Rush of Fools. I am left questioning why the label was in such a hurry to release them that they didn't wait until the whole band could record. Studio musicians are professional and the ones that were used are quite talented in their own rights, but the passion that the folks that wrote the music and use the music to minister to live crowds just isn't there.

With shades of Casting Crowns and early Building 429 in their sound, the lyrics (that the band did write) are no joke. "Undo" is a prime example ...

    focused on the score, but I could never win
    Trying to ignore, a life of hiding my sin
    To label me a hypocrite would be
    Only scratching the surface of who I've been known to be

Honestly; how many teens do you know that are that real and introspective?

Highlights on the release, for me, were "Undo," "We All," "For Those," "Jesus Hurry" and "Already." In fact, "We All" could easily become another Chris Tomlin or Matt Redman type worship staple.

Easy to like, easy to sing along with and showing great potential, Rush of Fools has what it takes to go far. I have high hopes that this group of talented, young musicians will grow into a strong presence in the Christian Music field. We definitely need more young leaders like these guys.

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