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T-Bone - 'Bone-Appetit: Servin' Up Tha Hits'

T-Bone - 'Bone-Appetit: Servin' Up Tha Hits' - The Basics

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T-Bone - Bone-Appetit Servin' Up Tha Hits

T-Bone - Bone-Appetit Servin' Up Tha Hits

Flicker Records
  • Style: Gospel Rap
  • 18 Tracks
  • Release Date: September 25, 2007
  • Record Label: Flicker Records

T-Bone - 'Bone-Appetit: Servin' Up Tha Hits'

T-Bone has been bringing us great music since 1991 and in the ensuing 16 years, he's released some biggies. Bone-Appetit: Servin' Up Tha Hits is no different. Hits from Bone-A-Fide, Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic (Compare Prices), and The Last Street Preacha (Compare Prices), grace the new release, so if you're looking for "old school" T-Bone, you will be disappointed ... but not for long. The tracks on Bone-Appetit were well picked, showing off how well T-Bone can incorporate various styles and sounds into his music.

If rock is your thing, "Raised In Harlem" will hit the spot. Urban jam fan? "Name Droppin" (featuring Eric Dawkins) is a great jam with a real sense of fun. And speaking of fun, "Pentecostal Horse Racing" takes several listens before you can hear the entire song over your own laughter. Natalie LaRue and Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline help make the Latin-tinged "Sing Your Praises" a real winner.

My personal faves are the West Coast "Dippin'," "I've Been Looking Around" (which features the beautiful voice of Rachel Lampa) and "GospelAlphaMegaFunkyBoogieDiscoMusic," featuring secular rapper KSR-One.

Speaking of secular rappers, the appearances of Mack 10 and KSR-One are the only complaints that I've heard about this CD. This isn't exactly a new thing though, as T-Bone has been accused of being too worldly before.

Full of Great Music

Personally, since Gospel Rap isn't exactly out-selling its secular counterparts, I have to believe that Mack 10 and KSR-One must be Christians. Otherwise, why would they agree to appear on T-Bone's releases? Gangsta rapper plus Jesus CD can definitely equal less street cred.

KRS-One released a gospel-rap album in 2002 called Spiritual Minded (Compare prices) that featured T-Bone.

Mack 10 hasn't released any gospel CDs and yes, the gangsta rapper has had a few instances of bad behavior, but does that mean that he hasn't accepted Christ as his personal Savior? Isn't the beauty of Christianity that Jesus died for all of us and forgives us for our sins?

I don't know either secular rapper, but I do know T-Bone and I simply can not believe that he would invite someone to appear on one of his songs if he didn't believe that their heart belonged to Christ.

So, bottom line here is that despite the controversy caused by some of the choices in guest artists, Bone-Appetit: Servin' Up Tha Hits is full of great music. T-Bone shows the world, yet again, that he is one of the best that Gospel Rap has to offer.

'Bone-Appetit: Servin' Up Tha Hits' Track List

  1. Follow T
  2. Ride Wit Me
  3. Sing Your Praises (English)
  4. I Been Lookin' Around
  5. Let That Thing Go
  6. Dippin'
  7. Wipe Your Tears
  8. Blazin' Mics
  9. Can I Live?
  10. Turn This Up
  11. Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic
  12. A Few Good Men
  13. Shake Your Body
  14. Raised In Harlem
  15. King Of My Life
  16. Penecostal Horse Racing
  17. Name Droppn'
  18. Sing Your Praises (Spanish)
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