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Top 10 Versions of "Silent Night" by Christian & Gospel Artists

Traditional religious Christmas carol


The words to "Silent Night" were written in German by the Austrian priest Josef Mohr in 1816. The carol has been translated into over 300 languages and dialects. It is the song that was sung simultaneously in English and German by troops fighting in WWI during the Christmas truce of 1914.

The carol has been covered by artists from just about every style of music. The following list covers the most popular versions.

1. Go Fish

Go Fish - More Than a Story
The acappella version of "Silent Night" that Go Fish offers up on More Than A Story is one of the best that you'll hear this holiday season. Fun but not flashy, the meaning of the carol is not lost in the almost doo-wop delivery.

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2. Yolanda Adams

Yolanda Adams - Christmas With Yolanda Adams
With her amazing voice, Yolanda Adams brings "Silent Night" to life, making it uplifting, genuine and, above all, filled with faith and emotion.

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3. MercyMe

MercyMe - The Christmas Sessions
INO Records
With Amy Grant singing harmony, MercyMe's version of "Silent Night" delivers beautifully with a little bit of country and a touch of rock 'n roll.

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4. David Phelps

David Phelps - A David Phelps Christmas: One Wintry Night
With his signature powerhouse voice, David Phelps' version of the classic Christmas carol leaves you a bit breathless and certainly in awe.

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5. Third Day

Third Day - Christmas Offerings
Courtesy of: Provident Music Group
Recorded live, Third Day's "Silent Night" is a show-stopper if there ever was one. Mac Powell's voice has a quality that should never work over quiet acoustic guitars and strings, but instead of sounding strained or off, he sounds peaceful and sincere. The crowd joining in on the chorus brings amazing closure to an already poignant moment.

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6. Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson - Silent Night: Songs For Christmas
Sony Music Entertainment
Since 1962, Mahalia Jackson's incomparable voice has given a sense of solemn wonder to the Christmas classic.

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7. Amy Grant

Amy Grant - A Christmas To Remember
With a traditional, conservative delivery, Amy Grant sings "Silent Night" with a lot of heartfelt emotion.

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8. Kirk Franklin & The Family

Kirk Franklin & The Family - Christmas
From the RIAA certified gold album, Kirk Franklin & the Family Christmas, this rendition of "Silent Night" is soothing and filled with spirit, while being 110% alive.

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9. Aly & AJ

Aly & AJ - Acoustic Hearts Of Winter
Hollywood Records
Aly & AJ recorded their rendition of "Silent Night" with guitar, strings and very little else. Their stripped down approach to the Christmas classic leaves out everything but their voices and their obvious passion for the subject.

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10. Sixpence None The Richer

City On A Hill: It's Christmas Time
Essential Records
Found on City On A Hill: It's Christmas Time, Sixpence None The Richer takes this classic and beloved Christmas carol and delivers it acoustically in their signature style, as only Sixpence can.

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