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DecembeRadio - Pumped About Their New Album and Touring With Third Day

News from March, 2008




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When I first met Eric Miker, Josh Reedy, Brian Bunn and Boone Daughdrill - collectively known to the world as DecembeRadio, they were so new to the national Christian Music scene that they were still dripping behind the ears! I was struck by how open and honest they were and their talent ... well, their talent was incredible. Adding in their obvious love of the Lord, it made them an unstoppable and unbeatable combination.

Two years have passed since we first met and there has been a lot of changes in their lives. Their ears are completely dry now! (Being nominated for a GRAMMY and winning a GMA Dove Award will do that.) Three of the four are now married. They've had their first headline tour and are now sharing the stage with Third Day, Sanctus Real and a great new band called Revive on the Third Day Live Tour. Their talent has gotten even better with time and their passion for sharing Christ is even more tangible than ever. They've even added a keyboard player named Josh Lovelace (who has also played with Echoing Angels.) But even with all of those changes, one huge thing has remained the same. Eric, Josh, Brian and Boone are still open and honest with humble spirits. They haven't let the "rock star" thing go to their heads, something that you see time and time again in the music world (just watch the entertainment channel for 5 minutes.)

I was excited to be able to catch up with the guys when they came through Columbus with the tour.

They got me super-pumped to hear the new album, which will hopefully come out in August. "It's got a real southern feeling, definitely "Crows-ish" and swampy," explained Josh Reedy.

"It rocks. These are faster tempo songs with more energy," added Brian. "We've even got strings!"

"Don't forget the horns and the kids choir," said Josh Reedy.

Touring with Third Day is a big deal in anybody's book and the DecembeRadio guys are no different. "We've been praying about a tour like this for a long time," said Eric.

Josh Reedy added, "The Third Day tour - well it's really great. We were nervous at first because we had the new set list and we weren't used to doing the songs the way we did them."

Nervous? GRAMMY nominees and GMA Award winners nervous? Brian explained, "It's hard to crunch everything we've been doing for the last year into 20 minutes."

So what about the whole married thing? As any of you who are married know, sharing your life with someone takes work no matter how in love you are. Imagine trying to build a marriage while being on the road, playing concerts in a different city/state every day.

"It takes a special woman (to be married to a touring band member)," explained Josh Reedy.

"Yeah. God's gotta call your wife just as much as he calls you," added Eric. "It's a fine line because the day you put that ring on, your priorities totally change. Your calling changes. Your first calling is not your ministry anymore. It's your wife. Yeah, everybody's got to work and everybody's got to do what they're called to do, obviously. But there's a line there that you kind of have to draw that you can't cross much, because if you do, it's not good for the marriage ...especially in the first years of the marriage."

Brian shared his take on the subject. "We all dated our wives long before we married them. They knew what they were getting into and so did we. But even knowing up front, it's harder because you feel closer to your wife than when she was your fiance or girlfriend, so you want to be home more. But at the same time, it's easier, because when you come home, you're coming home to them instead of going to your house and just visiting them. Does that make sense? Cell phones become so important. Without a cell phone, there probably wouldn't be a marriage for a musician!"

Starting a family is probably not on the horizon for any time soon for the band. "We're going to wait a little longer on that. At least two years!" said Eric.

Ever the comedian, Brian chimed in, "I can't wait two years! We need a guitar tech!"

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