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An Interview with ZOEgirl

Kristin Talks With Kim Jones




Courtesy of Sparrow Records
Guide - Hi Kristin. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me today. I know that you guys are usually pretty busy. ZOEgirl is going to be at Rock The Universe this year. Were ya'll there last year?

Kristin - We didn't.

Guide - Is this the first time you've done Rock the Universe?

Kristin - Yes it is and we're very excited about it.

Guide - Are you going to take a couple of days and stay to enjoy the rides?

Kristin - We're going to try to. It's always fun when you can experience a little bit of the park as well. So hopefully we'll be able to do that.

Guide - I talked to a couple of the groups that were performing last year that had been there before and they said it was just awesome.

Kristin - Oh good.

Guide - So what has been going on since "A Different Kind of Free" came out?

Kristin - Well, this past spring we headlined our first tour, called "The Free Experience", which was based around the album, and we had a wonderful time doing that. We've had a bit of a light summer. Chrissy got married in May so we took a little bit of time so she could be a newlywed. And now we're actually in the studio working on the next album.

Guide - That's great! Do you have a title yet?

Kristin - We don't. It's still kind of in the works. There's nothing official yet. But we are working towards that. We're hoping to narrow things down more soon.

Guide - Do you have a release date set?

Kristin - Well, I think we were hoping to release in the fall, but I don't think that's going to happen. So honestly we know we're going to have to move it back a little bit, but I'm not sure when. There's a chance it could come out after Christmas, but it's not solid, so don't quote me on that.

Guide - I'll keep my eye out for it. Is it shaping up as the same type of release as "A Different Kind of Free" or is it taking a different direction?

Kristin - You know, I think it will be very similar. One thing, one constant that we have on our albums is a little bit of worship and some issue songs, where we talk about issues that we know young people are going through. We always have a couple of fun songs too. So it will probably be similar to that as far as the content. You know, we're always exploring different musical types of things, so there might be a little bit more of a progression as well. But it's still early to really know the overall tone of the album, honestly.

Guide - (laughs) I can live with that. I'm betting whichever way it goes, it will be good. You know, I have three girls, ages 17, 9 and 4 and all three of them loved the last CD. The two older ones used to argue over who could borrow it.

Kristin - (laughs) Really! Wow! It's really neat to hear that they all liked it. It's encouraging to know that it touched them at the different ages.

Guide - Do ya'll have any fall tour plans?

Kristin - You know, we don't have a tour. We are going to be doing several shows. We're filling in on the Shoutfest Tour for about five shows. But we're really just focusing on the new album and writing. We do want to tour in the spring. But we don't know exactly what it will be.

Guide - When you're on the road, how do you keep yourselves grounded since you're away from family and your support group?

Kristin - That is probably one of the most trying things about doing this, and touring and traveling. Because, as you said, being away from the churches, honestly, is what wears on us the most. We were talking about this the other day in fact, and how it just wears on you to bed away from your home church because you're not around that body of believers, getting filled every single Sunday. We just recognize that we know that this is going to make it difficult for us. So we do everything we can to be supportive to each other. We stay in the Word together, pray together and keep each other accountable. Of course, you're still in contact with family members by phone, so that helps as well. But it is one of the most difficult things, to be away from that.

Guide - Are you ever in a town long enough to attend a church service there, in a local church?

Kristin - Every once in a while it will work out perfectly where we're doing a concert at a church at night, and we can attend the service that day. On a couple of occasions I've even gone online to try and catch a church service for a church we know of out in California. But alot of times, we're in transit all day on Sundays. So we do whatever we can.

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