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Stellar Kart Profile


Stellar Kart

Stellar Kart

Inpop Records

Stellar Kart Members:

  • Adam B. Agee - Vocals, Guitar - born June 9, 1980
  • Aliegh Shields - Bass, Vocals
  • Jeremi Hough - Drums
  • Nick Baumhardt - Guitars

Former Members

Stellar Kart Biography:

INO Records power pop-punk band Stellar Kart has a mission ... to connect with youth and to teach them about Jesus Christ in a way that they can relate to. The band has worked tirelessly to encourage high schoolers to go all out for God. After three releases and one "best of," they can safely say "mission completed." They don't just entertain our youth; they connect with them.

“They’re responsive to our music and lyrics because we just came through that period ourselves,” says lead singer, Adam Agee. “Stellar Kart is definitely geared toward youth group kids because that’s where we got our start.”

The Phoenix-based band started in a youth group. Adam and Jordan led worship, with former bass player Tay joining them on weekends. Cody joined them prior to being signed and Brian replaced Tay after their debut release. In 2009, Cody left the band to spend more time with his wife and Jon Howard (formerly of Dizmas) stepped in on lead guitar.

Talking with kids about life and second chances is what motivates Stellar Kart. “There are so many high school and junior high kids living a life with no direction. If we have the opportunity to help them, that’s great. It fires me up, keeps me grounded to think about how God’s using me to help other people.”

Stellar Kart Discography:

Stellar Kart News & Notes:

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