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Christian and Gospel CD Reviews

Christian and Gospel CD reviews and ratings from your Guide. If you're trying to decide what to buy this is a great place to learn more.
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Christian and Gospel CD Release Dates
Christian and Gospel CD Release Dates

Buying Music for the Special Person in Your Life
A good CD makes a wonderful gift for just about any occasion. Here are some tips on picking the right CD for a friend or loved one.

The Best of the Best (Must Have CD's)
This feature will continue to grow as exceptional albums are released. These are the absolute top picks ... can't go wrong winners in my book.

Polar Express - DVD
Destined to become the "It's A Wonderful Life" for this generation, "The Polar Express" is a touching story about a boy who has started to "grow out of" his belief in Santa until one magical Christmas Eve, when he boards the train that takes him to the North Pole.

Praise Baby Collection - Born To Worship
The Praise Baby Collection has done it again with "born to worship." Worship songs mixed with with colorful images and animations will make this yet another favorite with infants and toddlers.

The Praise Baby Collection: God of Wonders
The Praise Baby Collection is a wonderful series for parents of small children that comes in CD, DVD and VHS formats, so whatever your choice, you'll find something that your kids will adore.

Angel Wars Guardian Force 2
Fallen angel Morg gets his hands on the mysterious Foundation Stone and the Guardian Force has to find it before Morg destroys Earth. The second installment of Angel Wars could easily become a family favorite.

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment
Spotlight, a ministry of ChristianAnswers.net, is a wonderful entertainment portal for movie, television and video game reviews. This site, as well as the ChristianAnswers site have more resources than you can count and is definitely worth visiting.

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