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Christian Holiday Songs & Music for Special Occasions

Find the perfect Christian songs for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Music for special occasions like weddings and graduations, as well as songs that will help you say goodbye at funerals, can also be found.
  1. Christian Graduations (4)
  2. Wedding Songs (3)
  3. Mother's Day (12)
  4. Father's Day (6)
  5. Halloween (16)
  6. Thanksgiving (4)
  7. Christmas (107)
  8. New Year's (7)

Top Christian Songs for Easter
For Christians, Easter is much more than a day about a magical bunny bringing candy good kids.

Christian Funeral Songs
Planning a Christian funeral or memorial service for a loved one isn't easy. The part of you that rejoices over their homecoming in Heaven often wars with the part of you that wanted your loved one to stay here for many more years to come. The music you select for the funeral service or memorial will often offer comfort to those attending the...

Christian Songs About Life
Living a Christian life is not always fun, games and church. Christians have issues and problems just like the rest of the world does. Sometimes things are great and you feel like God is keeping you in the palm of His hand. Other times things aren't so good and you cry out to God in your brokenness. All of these songs are about life as a...

Christian Songs About One
I frequently get asked which songs will fit into a specific theme. "One" is a popular request, probably because as Christians we believe in One God, One Savior and One way to Heaven. Thus, the list of "Christian Songs About One" was born.

Christian Songs About Peace
The International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day), is celebrated annually on September 21st. The day is dedicated to peace on earth, or specifically the absence of war and is observed by many nations. Peace is something that we all long for - regardless of what day of the year it is.

God Spoke to Me Through that Song
God Spoke to Me Through that Song - Christian Songs that Have Touched You

Christian Songs About God's Love
Back to school time is around the corner and my daughter and I were talking about how she is both bummed and excited. She wants this school year to be more about loving her neighbor and less about high school drama, but isn't sure she can pull that off. That led into a discussion about how music can set the tone for the entire day and the...

Songs for People Who Feel Separated From God
Every Christian goes through trials. Accepting Christ doesn't mean that your life is a bed of roses. Hard times don't go away and you're not "off limits" to Satan.

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