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Jason Roy, the lead singer of Building 429 - Thoughts on Halloween

"Trick or Trunk"


Building 429 promo 08

Building 429 promo 08

INO Records
Building 429 was formed by frontman and primary songwriter, Jason Roy, while still in college. The band has come a long way since then, having received received four Dove Award nominations and winning the New Artist of the Year award at the Dove Awards in 2005. They've had six releases on Word, all of which were received well by fans and critics alike.

Jason Roy, lead singer of Building 429, shares his memories of Halloween with About.com...

    "I remember one year my wife got this idea for our church’s "trick or trunk" celebration. She wanted to decorate the band’s trailer as a dance area for all the kids to get in, dance around and get candy.  It was a disaster ... the kids loved it, but they didn't know it was our working trailer and that my living room was full of all the band’s gear.

    At every show for the next two years we had somebody asking, ”Why is there silly string on the walls?”  It was literally still painted on the inside with the "removable paint" and it stayed there until the day we traded it in!!”"

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