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Top 10 Weekly SongTouch Song Downloads


SongTouch is a digital Internet store that allows users access to a diverse online collection of Christian music and to copy titles, tracks and albums. Members have access to music from major Christian record labels, spoken word recordings and concert footage. The Top 10 SongTouch Songs is a weekly feature that highlights their most downloaded songs every week. This Top 10 can be found exclusively on the Christian Music site at about.com.

1. Voice of Truth - Casting Crowns/Reunion (Provident-Integrity)

From their debut release, "Casting Crowns", "Voice of Truth" has moved into the number one spot.

2. Who Am I? - Casting Crowns/Reunion (Provident-Integrity)

Also from their debut release, "Casting Crowns".

3. I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me/INO (Epic)

Off of the 2001 release, "Almost There".

5. Homesick - Mercy Me/INO-Epic

From the 2004 release, "Undone".

6. Take You Back - Jeremy Camp/BEC

From the 2004 release, "Restored".
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7. He Reigns - Newsboys/Worship Together

From the album "Adoration".
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8. Heaven - Salvador/Word

From the 2004 release, "So Natural".

10. Walk By Faith - Jeremy Camp/BEC

From the 2002 release, "Stay".
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