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Readers Respond: Name the Best Christian Concert You've Ever Been To...

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From the article: Christian Concerts
Listening to music on the radio or a CD/MP3 player is great but regardless of how well mixed and/or produced it is, the energy of the live show just isn't there.

Being a Christian Music writer, I've been to plenty of concerts and some were truly amazing. At one show, Third Day, Sanctus Real and DecembeRadio rocked the stage harder than anyone I've seen. Ricardo leading worship has offered several stand-out moments. The anointing comes off of that man in waves and no one in the audience goes away untouched.

What about you? What is the best concert you've attended? If you've got pics, share them too!

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116 Cliq

These rappers and hip hop artists aren't interested in converts, they want to make disciples. They are reaching the at-risk inner-city and suburban middle class with lyrics that preach the Word of God and in many cases are summarizations of books of the Bible ("13 letters")! I don't know of any other group of artist having this much impact on both the christian and secular society around them!
—Guest Person Man

Best Concert

Steve Taylor, Am I In Sync was the best concert EVER, he performed 44 songs, 3 hours of fantastic music. Next best and more recent was Skillet, Disciple, and Decypher Down.
—Guest rebel4God

Switchfoot Everytime

Switchfoot continues to hold the best concerts. Hands down. Can't wait to go again!!
—Guest Kerb

My first ones!

I went to Uprise 2012 and got to see Switchfoot, Red, and TobyMac, three of my favorites. Red was amazing, beginning explosively, slowing down with a bit of ministry (It was really cool) and ending with a bang. A song I dubbed as a theme song for my favorite class was played. Switchfoot barely said anything, but Jon went out in the crowd and sang a few tunes, which was something you don't see everyday. They were called back for an encore. I then saw TobyMac with my BFF (she showed me how to really live my faith! I love her!) And it was awesome. He apologized a bajillion times for not knowing any Eye On It music, and he went into the crowd and did an acoustic performance of Forgiveness. I lost my voice the next day, :( , but it was still the best!
—Guest Tanya

2nd Chapter of Acts

I saw the 2nd Chapter of Acts in concert in the '70s. It was the best concert.
—Guest Tim

August Burns Red & I The Breather

I The Breather and August Burns Red are Christian metal bands and they preach urgently for concert fans to know Christ, without forcing them to know Jesus, by speaking through the vocalist's life point of views which they have witnessed. They also get the message out that the way people are living is a lot about themselves and that they need to put away their old selves to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.
—Guest Torin

Jesus Freak

The Winans are anointed and great performers along with Kirk Franklin who knows how to Praise and Worship while jamming for Jesus!!!
—Guest Shelia Cook

Winter Jam 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first concert ever was an AMAZING one too!!! It included Dana McClean, Group 1 Crew, Sanctus Real, Kari Jobe, Building 429, Peter Furler, and of course, the spectacular Skillet!!! It was an absolutely amazing experience! I'm glad my first concert could be this one!
—Guest Jordan Enviro

Third day and Brandon Heath

Third Day and Brandon Heath in the Worcester Palladium a couple years ago :)
—Guest Mike the Grampy

Lifelight 2011

Manafest, Manic Drive, Fireflight, Hawk Nelson, Flame on Gospel, Relient K, Britt Nicole, Building 429, Disciple, Sidewalk Prophets, Tenth Avenue North, Jeremy Camp, and MORE! It was awesome!
—Guest CJ


They promoted local artist from around the city of san antonio kids from age 13-17 it was the best EVER!!! thousands of kids all singing together.. talk about powerful, it shook my sole. . and they make some of the best crosses in The world!! I hope uniquewoodcrosses.com will put another show on real soon god bless them in all there glory!!
—Guest Jennifer

Best in Christian Heavy Metal

My favorite concerts would have to be Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying and Impending Doom. These are the best and heaviest Christian concerts. Circle of Dust was very good also.
—Guest jeff bryan

Gaither Homecoming in Ft. Worth

I thought I had been to some great concerts...forget about it! This was absolutely incredible! 4 1/2 hours of the best gospel I have ever heard - and then there was David Phelps. He is unbelievable!!!Thank you Bill Gaither. You are truly a master of delivering great gospel wherever you go.
—Guest Bill Gaither

Winter Jam 2007

This concert was Awesome! To warm the crowd up, Britt Nicole performed songs off of her first album "Say It," and then Hawk Nelson Rock out on stage. They were followed by none other than the Mac himself, with a crazy display of choreography and all around awesomeness! Then, as if that wasn't enough, Newsboys closed it all off. (btw they are my favorite band.)
—Guest Brian

Best EVER is Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay - hands down - have the best live vocals. I could go weekly and not grow tired of them. AMAZING!
—Guest Holly

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Name the Best Christian Concert You've Ever Been To...

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